4 years old

 Originally from a small city in South Korea, I WAS NEVER AN ATHLETE OR DANCER. I first fell in love with Pilates after I noticed a sudden and unwanted 20 pound weight loss, and with it a decrease in physical strength after moving to New York City.

 I assumed the weight loss was due to the stress of moving to a new environment, being away from my family and friends, and  other personal struggles. I was 5'4 and my lowest weight at the time was 102 pounds. I CAME TO PILATES TO BUILD SOME STRENGTH BACK. 

 I struggled to follow the routine of PILATES classes for first of couple months. However, the concentration required for class and the knowledge I gained about how to control my body gave me so much strength and body mobility.

 I have become the most confident that I have ever been, because of Pilates. This confidence has helped me get through any hard times I have had. I believe what Joseph Pilates said "Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness." 

 Pilates made me stronger, both physically and mentally, which has only helped to enjoy my life even more. I use my experience with Pilates to inspire people who may also be in need of physical and/or mental strength. This is why I decided to become a Pilates and fitness instructor.

 My own experience of Pilates makes me believe everyone - no matter of their gender, age, and fitness level - can do Pilates. They can use the physical challenge to break through their mental challenges. 

 I encourage people to push themselves by using fresh and innovative exercises based on both contemporary and classical Pilates. I am good at breaking down exercises, teaching them step by step, enabling people of all fitness backgrounds to achieve a higher level of movement and strength, even quicker than they expected. 

 The best results I have seen have been with people who have issues after their sports related injuries, people who have had abdominal surgeries, including post-natal women and people with scoliosis, and individuals who need help with exercise motivation. I design my session based on clients individual needs and fitness goals. This approach makes my sessions uniquely personal.

 My clients say that I am demanding, challenging, and encouraging, all at the same time.