" I have been training with Yera Kim for more than three years and she has been a godsend.  Yera is passionate about Pilates and finds the right creative balance for each of her clients. She continues to challenge me at every session. 

 Yera has been an amazing Pilates instructor, fitness coach, and personal trainer. After all these years as my instructor, I also consider her my friend.  Not only is she a true professional as a Pilates instructor, she is also very intuitive to the needs of my physical being. Yera attentively listens to me whenever I have questions or concerns.  She takes into consideration my medical conditions and injuries. She even consults with my doctors and my physical therapist to ensure that I am safe at all times. She is a caring and compassionate person who goes above and beyond to find the best techniques and methodology to plan a balanced, dynamic yet challenging and fun session for me. My session with Yera keeps me wanting more.  When something works, you count your blessings and continue to work hard at it.

I am most thankful to Yera for building my overall body awareness  and coming up with individual Pilates exercises so that I integrate them into my daily life.

Without reservation, I highly recommend Yera Kim to all who want to positively experience and transform their physical well-being."

- May

" I have been working with Yera Kim for about two years. I started pilates after throwing out my back and numerous knee injuries. Despite a physically demanding job and active athletic life, I haven't had any injuries since Yera and I started working together. I've worked with a few other pilates teachers, but none seem to have the knowledge base and skills that Yera has. Even under my baggy clothes, she can still accurately make corrections to my form. Now that I am seven months pregnant, I'm especially careful and Yera is the only pilates teacher I trust. I know that with her expansive knowledge base and experience that I am safely making my body stronger and healthier.  I love leaving our sessions feeling taller, stronger and more confident."        
- Sarah

"I have been working with Yera an average of three times a week for more than a year, and there are many reasons that explain why I enjoy and value her as my Pilates instructor.
It is clear that Yera has a plan for every session, and the progression of exercises that make up that plan are always challenging, never boring, and totally focused on improving my alignment while building my strength. Yera has the unique capability of being both demanding and encouraging at the same time. She pushes me to try new things and to more fully master my approach to things we've been working on for awhile. When I have difficulty with some aspect of a particular exercise, she finds alternative ways for me to approach it. Her cues and corrections are clear, and she gives positive feedback to let me know when I'm on target. 
On the few occasions when I have injured myself between sessions, Yera has been able - on the spot - to alter our plan for the session to help alleviate any pain I'm experiencing. She does this with confidence and sensitivity, and follows up in subsequent sessions to make sure that nothing we're doing is aggravating or activating the original injury. 
Finally, Yera's professionalism and the genuine interest she shows in me as a client, make it an absolute pleasure to work with her. I come to every session feeling lucky to be there with her, and leave every session feeling energized."
- Susan

"Yera Kim is an inspirational Pilates instructor.  I have never been able to fully commit to a proper exercise routine before working with Yera.  Now I have two private sessions with her a week, and I can honestly say that when I miss one, I really feel it.I She keeps things interesting and fresh whilst always having an acute awareness of what I need to be working on.  She provides a wonderful combination of traditional pilates with more contemporary exercises that are both challenging and very much catered to what the client most needs.  So nothing ever becomes routine.  My body is both stronger and more toned because of my work with Yera.  She is encouraging, challenging and a delight to be with and I am grateful to have her as my teacher."